As a State Representative, Denise will continue to make a strong investment in her local community by placing more emphasis in three key areas. Denise is T.H.E. Candidate that will work with local and state officials to improve Transportation Infrastructure, support Affordable Healthcare and the expansion of Medicare/Medicaid, and champion legislation for additional funding to improve the quality and safety of Education in the district. She is not afraid to take on challenges to make a greater impact in the

Georgia House District 109!




With the ever increasing traffic congestion, coupled with the exponential growth in the Henry, Rockdale, and Newton counties, the south metro Atlanta area is in critical need for additional state funding to support the transportation infrastructure within the district she will serve.  Denise will fight to procure funding to widen state highways, routes, and other southern corridors to mitigate the traffic congestion flowing through House District 109’s roadways to improve the quality of life in our rural neighborhoods and subdivisions.



Denise will be a strong advocate supporting bills on healthcare insurance costs and Medicare subsidies. Denise will ensure transparency occurs on house bills affecting healthcare, and push to establish incentives providing additional healthcare subsidies to mitigate medical costs, and ultimately provide affordable healthcare for lower and middle income families.



As a single parent, Denise knows the concerns families face by ensuring their children have access to safe and viable education, quality after-school care programs and affordable childcare programs. Denise will be a champion for house bills to improve the quality of education for her district, increase funding in after-school programs, and disburse more tax incentives from the state.